Upcoming Events

Stay in the know of all of the upcoming volunteering and service events


Volunteering at Warren County Library

Sunday April 24th - Tuesday April 25th

The Warren Country Library is having a book sale and auction this month; they would like students from our club to help unpack, set up, and label books for it. We will also be donating books that we received from our book drive to them. We need one person to deliver the books (1.5 hours of service) and any amount of people can help volunteer during the shifts on the document below!

Spring Break Sale

Monday April 4th - Wednesday April 6th

We will be having a Spring Bake Sale from Monday, April 4 - to Wednesday, April 6. A sign up sheet for selling lunches has been posted in addition to food donation signup. 2 dozen items will be equal to 1 hour. Donations can be any baked good such as cupcakes, cookies, etc.  Please try and avoid peanut/peanut butter products.